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آخرین بار برد Jojo در December 1 2017

Jojo یکی از رکورد داران بیشترین تعداد پسند مطالب است !

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  • تاریخ تولد 05/14/1999

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بلوک آخرین بازدید کننده ها غیر فعال شده است و به دیگر کاربران نشان داده نمیشود.

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  1. If you forget me…if you forget me, if you leave me, if you are for others…I love you yet despite that you said you huff with all my purities for ever/I said but…bye! May this is just a dream…what I heard from you my beliefless heart said I didn’t receive to my love! You didn’t say before…that you have another one in your laughing in your crying except me…if you rest your head in my shoulders I forgive you and never remind you…go my beautiful darling…you are expensive …I am gratis